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Jul 1, 2007 1:24 PM

May 2007—Though it looks like it could fit in your living room, the super-compact KIVA Line Array from L-Acoustics (www.l-acoustics.com) is capable of concert-level audio. KIVA incorporates L-Acoustics WST® (Wavefront Sculpture Technology) for even coverage in large acoustic environments where the height of the array constitutes the main factor in establishing system throw, coverage pattern and directivity control. KILO is the KIVA system's LF extension with a single 12-inch driver handling the 50 to 100 Hz bandwidth.

January 2007—A companion for L-Acoustics' new P Series self-powered coaxial loudspeakers, the SP15B subwoofer has a front-loaded, self-powered 15-inch woofer with the convenience of pushbutton-accessible, application-engineered DSP crossover filtering and system EQ presets. The 17.5x20.5x20.5-inch (HxWxD), 80-pound vented Baltic birch enclosure features 1,000W of internal Class-D amplification, a 45-100Hz (± 3dB) bandwidth and pole-mount or U-bracket rigging.

October 2006—The SB15P was designed as a companion reference subwoofer for the 108P and 112P self-powered coaxial loudspeakers. Featuring a front-loaded, 15-inch transducer in an optimized sized/tuned vented enclosure, the SB15P combines the convenience of self-powered performance with the flexibility of digital signal processing. Ideal for portable sound reinforcement, the SB15P provides plug-and-play operation and is equipped with a 1,000W class D topology amplifier module and dedicated on-board DSP with instant-recall, application-engineered presets.

February 2006—L-Acoustics' 108P and 112P powered two-way coaxial loudspeakers combine point-source technology with the convenience of self-powering and onboard DSP. The design provides wavefront coherency over the wide axisymmetric dispersion pattern and flat response, without polar lobing effects. The result is ideal for near-field monitoring, proximity fill, small to medium-sized front-of-house and wedge monitor use. The bi-amped 500/250W 108P puts a 1-inch exit compression driver on an 8-inch woofer. The 112P has a 1,000W mono bridged amp pushing a 1.4-inch exit HF driver and 12-inch woofer for high-SPL performance.

January 2005—Unveiled in October at AES, L-Acoustics' new KUDO is an active, three-way line array module containing two direct-radiating, bass reflex-loaded 12-inch LF transducers, four 5-inch midrange frequency transducers mounted in a V-shaped configuration, and two 1-inch exit compression drivers coupled to individual waveguides. Frequency response for this full-range system is 50 to 18k Hz, with less than ±3dB variation — with the usable bandwidth being 40 to 20k Hz (-10 dB). Two DOSC waveguides are incorporated into KUDO, enabling the company's Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST) to be performed either vertically or horizontally. KUDO also provides adjustable polar patterns. When installed horizontally as a constant-curvature line- source array, 10° inter-enclosure angles are employed and the horizontal coverage is 10°×N. (N is the number of enclosures.) Vertical directivity can then be configured as 55° or 110° (symmetric), as well as 25°×55° or 55°×25° (asymmetric).

December 2004—L-Acoustics' new Kudo speaker was the talk of the show. Combining the functionality of the company's V-DOSC and ARCS speakers, it can build either horizontal or vertical arrays. “Side vanes” provide out-of-array dispersion of 50-degree or 110-degree, and the vanes can be used single-sided or in a section of an array to create asymmetric coverage. Kudo's three-way design employs dual 12s crossed at 300 Hz to four 5-inch mids in the expected V-shaped center configuration crossed at 2 kHz to dual 1-inch compression drivers.

September 2004—L-Acoustics U.S. announces that its latest Version 7.2 preset library is now available for free download. New to V. 7.2 are two-way presets for the recently launched 115XT HiQ (in front, fill and monitor formats) for all supported DSP units. Additionally, V-DOSC, dV-DOSC and L-Acoustics preset libraries are now provided in SB2 format for use with BSS Audio's Omnidrive and Minidrive processors. XTA AudioCore .xbl files are additionally updated to include 115XT HiQ preset support. Otherwise, dV-DOSC and V-DOSC libraries remain unchanged for the V. 7.2 release.

January 2004—New presets for use with approved BSS or XTA processors and L-Acoustics V-DOSC speakers are available. The new V7 Preset Library optimizes the loudspeaker system's power resources, providing smoother mid/high response based on detailed spatial averaging, as well as revised low-section processing (including improved LF shelving EQ), resulting in a 2dB increase in overall efficiency and output.

October 2003—Developed to accommodate pro power handling, the new 112XT (12-inch) and 115XT (15-inch) coaxial loudspeaker systems provide highly versatile solutions for a variety of applications, from distributed sound reinforcement to “sound-on-sticks” to floor wedges, thanks to appropriate trap angles. Each cabinet features advanced components and rigging accessories, while also benefiting from the flexibility afforded by custom-engineered DSP presets for BSS and XTA processors. Rear-panel connections are via dual 4-pin Neutrik Speakons.

October 2003—Developed to complement all of L-Acoustics' loudspeaker systems, the new SB118 high-power subwoofer features a single 18-inch transducer loaded in a dual-chamber, vented bandpass configuration. Boasting a power handling capacity of 600 watts RMS (2,400W peak) and response down to 32 Hz, the new subwoofer is the answer for applications requiring exceptional low-end impact from a highly compact, low-profile enclosure. Rear panel connections are a pair of 4-pin Neutrik Speakons.

July 2003—L-Acoustic's dV-Dosc is one-half of the mid- and high-frequency section of its large-format V-Dosc cabinet, the original line array. The triple-15 companion dV-Sub uses the same drivers as the V-Dosc, and is intended for use at a 1:3 ratio to provide identical response in small arrays.

May 2001—L-Acoustics unveiled the dV-SUB, a 27-inch cube with triple 15s in a dual-vented, 2.7-ohm bandpass configuration weighing 200 pounds. Designed with the same width as the company's compact dV-DOSC, they can fly above in a separate column or provide a convenient base for ground-stacked applications. Equal in height to three dV-DOSCs, a 3:1 ratio is recommended.

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