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Alcons Audio

Jul 1, 2007 2:18 PM

April 2006—Alcons Audio's (www.alconsaudio.com) SR9 is an ultra-compact ribbon tweeter speaker designed for high-fidelity, wide-splay use, such as frontfill or under-balcony.

February 2005—Alcons Audio debuts the RBN1801, a massive 18-inch-long ribbon transducer with a 1-20kHz response and max SPLs of 145 dB. The Isophasic Planar driver's waveguide offers constant 90° horizontal directivity out to 20 kHz; the unit's symmetric push-pull design provides dipole radiation and is magnetically shielded.

January 2005—The LR14 from Alcons Audio is a passive two-way line array system incorporating dual 6.5-inch neodymium woofers and the company's RBN401 4-inch pro-ribbon driver on a 94-percent frontal radiation HempHorn waveguide that achieves 120° dispersion. Frequency response is stated as 70 to 20k Hz. The LR16 is an active compact line array with dual 8-inch woofers and the RBN601 6-inch pro-ribbon driver on a 92-percent frontal radiation HempHorn waveguide that achieves real 90° dispersion. The enclosure has a frequency response of 70 to 20k Hz with an extended bass response usable down to 51 Hz. The QR18 and QR36 are modular two-way column line-source loudspeakers that incorporate the RBN1801 18-inch pro-ribbon driver mounted on the company's 90° HempHorn. A QR line source system acts as cylindrical radiator, offering a 3dB SPL drop-off per doubling of distance in the near-field. When used in multiples, the QR system forms a continuous line source, extending the near-field of the system over longer distance and lower frequencies. The QR18 features three 6.5-inch neodymium LF drivers and one RBN1801. The QR36 provides six 6.5-inch neodymium LF drivers and two RBN1801 ribbon drivers.

September 2004—Expanding its successful L Series of array products, Alcons Audio introduces the LR16 Bass, a high-output bass system for permanent and portable applications. Designed as an LF extension to the LR16 line array system (in flown and stacked configurations), the LR16B was designed for the highest efficiency possible within the weight/size parameters set by the line array application. To achieve a higher efficiency than the conventional front-loading arrangement, the dual long-excursion, 15-inch neodymium woofers are double-vented and double-tuned in a bandpass-loading configuration, resulting in a 102dB efficiency (1W/1m, full-bandwidth, 46-200 Hz) with 3,200W power handling for 137dB peak SPLs from a compact cabinet. Special attention was paid to system weight: The cabinet is made of braced 0.6-inch Birch ply for a lightweight, rigid construction. In stacked configuration, the two-side usable flying hardware of the LR16B forms a stable foundation for LR16 arrays. The latest version of Alcons Ribbon Calculator (ARC™) prediction software is included, and the LR16B comes complete with flying-frames, Durotect™ scratch-resistant coating, handles, sliding/stacking strips and a limited six-year warranty.

February 2004—Alcons Audio is now shipping its LR16 “The Ribbon” line array, an active two-way system that can be stacked or flown in vertical arrays. The compact and flexible design makes it ideal for small to medium venues, and with a maximum SPL of 135 dB per unit (and 1,000-watt peak handling), it's also suitable for larger applications when used in extended arrays. High frequency is provided by Alcons' powerful RBN601 ribbon driver, offering superb intelligibility/throw and excellent gain before feedback. Frequencies below 1,200 Hz are via two 8-inch mid-bass drivers, allowing true full-range use down to 55 Hz.

October 2003—Alcon's ALC2 models are Class-G-designed controller/amplifiers with 2x 1kW-plus RMS @ 2 ohms. The front-accessible SDP “Speaker Drive Processing” slots offer dedicated power optimizing (RMS/peak), excursion protection and specific filtering. The SIS circuit, “Signal Integrity Sensing,” compensates for the influence of (long) speaker cables, ensuring a real damping factor of 10,000. ATCM, “Advanced Thermal & Clip Management,” prevents the amplifier from clipping and thermal shut down.

October 2003—The Alcons RBN601 is a 6-inch professional ribbon transducer. True power handling is 70W/1,000W, enabled by the proprietary-designed heat management. With its efficiency of 103 dB (1W/1m), the RBN601 is the most powerful ribbon driver on the market and delivers real 90° horizontal coverage. Philip de Haan, senior R&D engineer and 15-year “pro ribbon veteran,” filed two patents for the RBN Series. With its “Alcons green” color scheme, its nickname is “The Hulk.” All Alcons systems feature the RBN601, including the LR16 line array.

October 2003—The Alcons TS Series is designed for full-range sound reinforcement, as well as a fill/under-balcony system. The TS 3 features a 6.5-inch mid-bass driver with 1-inch soft-dome tweeter on an optimized waveguide. The TS 7 features dual 6.5-inch mid-bass drivers with the same 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Their exceptional sound quality make them a perfect match for Alcons' pro ribbon-based sound systems.

April 2003—Last year, several Stage Accompany employees formed Alcons Audio. Alcon's debuts include a number of high-end creations based on 8- and 12-inch woofers in trapezoidal boxes with a proprietary RBN601 ribbon driver mounted to 90°x40°, 60°x30° or 90°x10° waveguides. The massive RBN601 has neodymium magnets, weighs 5.5 pounds, extends to 25 kHz and has a 70W RMS rating with 1,000W peaks.

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